Out With the Old and in With New.

Today, I took on the task of cleaning out one of my jewelry boxes and I came across some old pieces I used to wear and became very excited. I forgot I had these items and it made me happy to become reacquainted with them again. 

As I was investigating them I realized that maybe my style had changed just a little. I no longer wish to wear the necklaces anymore but soon realized the stone are pretty cool. I also noticed that the findings on the earrings are tarnished so I don’t want to put them in my ears. 

I go simply crazy over a cool pair of earrings, so I decided to make some new earring with my old pieces. For me, there are no rules to making and selecting a pair of earrings. As long as there fun I am all in. I do have special pairs  that I only wear in the office but other than that, no holds barred. 

I didn’t mention it previously but I started making my jewelry three years ago but earrings are my most favorite to make. I make earrings out of wood, cardboard, buttons, yarn, etc. I just like having fun with it. OK, I’m going off topic. 

Making earrings are so fast and easy to make. If you have some old necklaces or bracelets you don’t wear anymore, instead of getting rid of them dismantle and make you a fresh pair of earrings. 

Thanks for stopping by 🤗


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